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Young People and Science in Society Issues – YPSSI


YPPSI is an open network that federates all kind of organisations and institutions involved, in a way or another, in the participation and empowerment of young people in the building of a European knowledge-based society.


An open platform means that all organisations are welcome, whenever they want and whenever they can. They will not be linked by a contractual pre-requisite but must share information freely and create conditions for enlargement and strengthen of the platform. This platform does not exist at a juridical point of view but some active members support the administrative and coordinative tasks as long as it corresponds to our collective needs and spirit.


For more information please contact


Association Francaises des Pétits Débrouillards

Responsable du département interculturel

La halle aux cuirs - 2 rue de la clôture - 75930 Paris cedex 19, France

Tél: +33 1 40 05 75 57






Norbert Steinhaus

Wissenschaftsladen Bonn (Bonn Science Shop)

Buschstr. 85 – 53113 Bonn – Germany

Tel. +49 228 201 61 22